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TARDIS Zero Room

The Zero Room is one of the most peaceful locations in existence. It is a place completely cut off from the rest of the universe, cut off even from the TARDIS interior, in a entirely separate dimension. As such, no voice can be heard within its walls, and no commands can be run. There is no communication with the outside world.


The Zero room is not a room within the TARDIS interior, as most rooms are. Before any players can grow and use it, a server administrator must first enable zero_room in the TARDIS config, preferably using the command /tardisconfig zero_room true. TARDIS will then create the TARDIS_Zero_Room world, if it does not already exist. The server must then be restarted to enable its more advanced features.

Once the room is enabled, growing the Zero Room is a simple matter of following these steps:

  1. Run the command /tardis room ZERO, normal room growing requirements apply (artron energy, required blocks, etc.)
  2. Place a button, sign, lever or comparator, and run the command /tardis update zero
  3. Click on the desired control to update the position of the Zero Room Transmat System
  4. Once the Zero Room has grown, activate the control to teleport into the room

Note: The Zero room must be grown using the /tardis room command, as it is not part of the ARS.


The Zero Room has several useful abilities, including: