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Time travel commands

Note: if the plugin difficulty is set to hard you will need to use the TARDIS Advanced Console instead of these commands.

Some of these commands also require the appropriate permission before players can use them. See the Permissions page for more information.


Set the destination location when exiting the TARDIS. You can either time travel to specific co-ordinates, to a player’s location, a saved destination, a specified biome, the TARDIS ‘home’ location, an underground cave, or an admin preset area. Type:

/tardistravel [world] [x] [y] [z]

eg. /tardistravel New_New_York -319 64 277 — to travel to co-ordinates in the specified world

eg. /tardistravel ~ -319 64 277 — to travel to co-ordinates in the world that the TARDIS is currently in

/tardistravel ~[x] ~[y] ~[z]

eg. /tardistravel ~20 ~ ~-35 — to travel to relative co-ordinates. Note all coordinates must be proceeded by the tilde character (~). In this case the TARDIS would travel 20 blocks in the x-direction (EAST), 0 blocks in the y-direction (UP/DOWN) and negative 35 blocks in the z-direction (NORTH) from its current location.

/tardistravel [player]

eg. /tardistravel eccentric_nz — to travel to a player.

A player can prevent other players from travelling to them by setting the player preference to ‘Do Not Disturb’ — to do this type: /tardisprefs dnd [on|off] or use the Sonic Prefs Menu.

To ask a player if you can travel to their protected region / claim, use the command:

/tardistravel [player] ?

eg. /tardistravel eccentric_nz ?
or you can also use /tardistravel eccentric_nz tpa

To accept a travel request, type tardis request accept in chat.

/tardistravel dest [name]

eg. /tardistravel dest mycoolsavedplace — to travel to a saved destination

/tardistravel area [name]

eg. /tardistravel area airport — to travel to a server defined TARDIS area

/tardistravel biome [biome|list]

eg. /tardistravel biome DESERT — to travel to the nearest desert biome

eg. /tardistravel biome list — to list all available biome types

/tardistravel home

Travel to where the TARDIS was first created

/tardistravel cave

Travel underground to the nearest cave in a random direction from the TARDISes current location.

/tardistravel village

Travel to the nearest village in a random direction from the TARDISes current location

/tardistravel costs

Display a list of Artron Energy travel costs

/tardistravel cancel

Removes the currently set travel destination

/tardistravel stop

Stops travelling / materialising and returns to the home location. Use in an emergency only!