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TARDIS Interior Positioning System

By default (if you have a multi-world plugin installed) the plugin sets up a special world called TARDIS_TimeVortex that uses the TARDIS Interior Positioning System. This is similar to the many skyblock and plots plugins, in that the TARDIS (when created) is placed in the middle of a 1024 x 1024 block square plot.

The T.I.P.S grid is 20 x 20 plots deep and wide, giving a total of 400 plots. When a TARDIS is deleted, the free plot is reused.

If WorldGuard is also installed on the server, the entire plot is made a protected region, with the Time Lord of the TARDIS its owner. Access to the region is set to DENY for other players, so travel between plots is stopped. When a Time Lord adds a companion, they are added as a region member.

If configured (allow: wg_flag_set: true), Time Lords can grant or deny build rights to their companions by issuing the command /tardisprefs build [on|off]

T.I.P.S and Factions

Because T.I.P.S uses WorldGuard to protect the TARDIS, claiming Factions in the TARDIS_TimeVortex will cause issues when the TARDIS is deleted. It is suggested that you disable Faction claiming in the TARDIS_TimeVortex world. To do this, edit the worldsClaimingEnabled setting in the Factions config file (found in server/mstore/factions_mconf/instance.json) — it should look something like this:

"worldsClaimingEnabled": {
    "standard": true,
    "exceptions": ["TARDIS_TimeVortex"]