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TARDIS_TimeVortex world

You can set up a special world that will allow you to store all the TARDISes in it and still be able to grow rooms. The world must be called TARDIS_TimeVortex and must use TARDISChunkGenerator or be a FLAT world type.

To set this up:

  1. Create a new world with your multi-world plugin
    • For Multiverse-Core use the command:
      /mv create TARDIS_TimeVortex normal -g TARDISChunkGenerator
    • For Multiword use the command:
      /mw create TARDIS_TimeVortex plugin:TARDISChunkGenerator
  2. Set up any world flags as you see fit
    • For Multiverse-Core use the command(s):
      /mv modify set monstersrate 0 TARDIS_TimeVortex
      /mv modify set hidden true TARDIS_TimeVortex

    • For Multiword use the command(s):
      /mw setflag TARDIS_TimeVortex SpawnMonster false
      /mw setflag TARDIS_TimeVortex PvP false

  3. Set TARDIS config options as shown below:
/tardisadmin default_world true
/tardisadmin default_world_name TARDIS_TimeVortex
/tardisadmin include_default_world false
/tardisadmin create_worlds false

As of TARDIS v2.7-beta-1 the plugin now uses a system called T.I.P.S (TARDIS Interior Positioning System). This system places new TARDISes in a specific ‘plot’ in the TARDIS_TimeVortex World. This means that TARDISes will no longer overlap other TARDISes if they are created close together in the overworld.

If you are using a pre-TARDIS 2.7 version, you will have to educate your players to create their TARDIS home locations far apart as their position in the TimeVortex relates to the position they were created in the server world.