A Spigot / Paper plugin for all Doctor Who fans — create and use a TARDIS! It’s bigger on the inside!

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The Texture command

In order to use this feature, you must set Server Textures: On in the Minecraft client Video Settings options.


Setting texture packs

You can set a texture pack for the TARDIS interior, and one for the regular world outside:

/tardistexture in [url]
/tardistexture out [url]

[url] must be a valid link to a texture pack file, e.g.: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53758864/Minecraft_Default.zip

To reset the outside texture pack back to the Minecraft default:

/tardistexture out default

Enabling and disabling

To turn resource pack switching on and off use the command:

/tardistexture [on|off]