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TARDIS Shop is a simple shop plugin for TARDIS items and blueprints. You can download it here: http://tardisjenkins.duckdns.org:8080/job/TARDISShop/.

Shops are server based, players cannot setup their own personal shops.


In order for TARDISShop to function you will need to install:

Config options

Option Type Default Description
debug boolean false Whether to display debug messages in the server log
block string PRISMARINE_BRICKS The type of block that TARDIS items will be displayed on. This should be specified using the Bukkit Material ENUM name
tardis_admin_free boolean true Whether players with tardis.admin permission get TARDIS items for free from the shop


Permission Description Default
tardisshop.use Allow players to buy items from a TARDIS Shop op
tardisshop.admin Allow players to set up a TARDIS Shop op

Setting up shop

A shop can be in any location and any size — you simply place a block anywhere you want to sell an item and then stock the item using a command.

Setting item costs

The cost for a TARDIS item is stored in items.yml. You will need to edit this file and set prices based on however your current server economy is set up.

If you change the cost after adding a shop block, you can update the block with the new price by running the command:

/tardisshop update

This will reload the items configuration and update any blocks where the price is different than the config.

Adding shop blocks

Adding new shop blocks is pretty simple:

  1. Place the configured block (PRISMARINE_BRICKS by default) in the desired location
  2. Run the command /tardisshop add [item] You can use tab completion to see a list of available items
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions and click the block — the item will appear with holographic labels for its name and cost

TARDIS Shop block

Removing shop blocks

To remove a shop block:

  1. Run the command /tardisshop remove
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions and click the block you want to remove

Going shopping

To purchase items: