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Sudo Commands

Used to run commands or functions as another player.

/tardissudo [player] [function] [options]

The command has the follwing functions:

ars Open the Architectural Reconfiguration System GUI for the player’s TARDIS.  
assemble Make a player’s TARDIS reassemble itself after a HADS dispersal.  
back Make a player’s TARDIS travel back to its last known location.  
chameleon Set the player’s exterior Chameleon preset  
clean Perform a clean of the player’s console.  
comehere Bring the player’s TARDIS to the targeted block.  
deadlock Toggle the TARDIS door lock on or off.  
desiege Force a player’s TARDIS out of Siege Mode.  
handbrake Toggle the player’s handbrake on or off.  
hide Hide the player’s TARDIS.  
isomorphic Toggle the player’s isomorphic controls on or off.  
rebuild Rebuild the player’s TARDIS.  
repair Perform a repair of the player’s console.  
travel Make the player’s TARDIS travel. Options are home, area and co-ordinates.
update Run the /tardis update command as the player.