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TARDIS Schematic command

As of version 3.0-beta-1, TARDIS now uses its own JSON schematic format. To create a TARDIS schematic (.tschm) file, you use the /tardisschematic command.

Command use

/tardisschematic [save|load|paste] [name]


I order to use the save argument, you must first define the schematic region start and end points with the TARDIS schematic wand (a bone by default, can be changed in the config).

/tardisschematic save custom


To use the load argument, the specified file [name] must be in the plugins/TARDIS/user_schematics folder. You don’t need to add the file extension.

/tardisschematic load custom


Once loaded the schematic can be pasted back into the world with the paste argument.

/tardisschematic paste

Note: While it is posiible to paste schematics, it is still recommended to use a plugin such as WorldEdit to do this sort of work.