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TARDIS Schematic command

As of version 3.0-beta-1, TARDIS now uses its own JSON schematic format. To create a TARDIS schematic (.tschm) file, you use the /tardisschematic command.

Command use

/tardisschematic [save|load|paste] [name]


In order to use the save argument, you must first define the schematic region start and end points with the TARDIS schematic wand (/tardisgive [player] schematic_wand 1).

/tardisschematic save custom


To use the load argument, the specified file [name] must be in the plugins/TARDIS/user_schematics folder. You don’t need to add the file extension.

/tardisschematic load custom


Once loaded the schematic can be pasted back into the world with the paste argument.

/tardisschematic paste

Pasting should be relatively lag free, as the number of blocks being placed per tick is restricted. A progress bar will appear to give you an indication of how long the schematic will take to process.

Note: While it is possible to paste schematics, it is still recommended to use a plugin such as WorldEdit to do this sort of work.