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Rooms and server economies

TARDIS has the potential to disturb the fragile balance of a server’s economy, by allowing the cheap growing of rooms which can potentially be harvested for their blocks.

TARDIS has a configuration option — rooms_require_blocks — that enables server owners to balance the cost of a room against their server economies. When set to true, it only allows a room to be grown if the player has collected and condensed the blocks needed to grow it.

The following table illustrates the actual cost of the default TARDIS room based on the lookup tables currently used to convert blocks to Artron Energy if you were to put them in the TARDIS energy condenser chest.

Room Actual cost to grow Default cost in config
Antigravity 15379 625
Arboretum 8680 325
Baker 7392 350
Bedroom 8915 475
Empty 8403 250
Farm 7435 350
Gravity 17192 625
Greenhouse 7790 450
Harmony 8963 450
Kitchen 8562 450
Lazarus 8537 750
Library 12318 550
Mushroom 5147 350
Passage 4979 200
Pool 8796 450
Renderer 16572 550
Stable 8215 350
Trenzalore 9969 550
Vault 8557 350
Village 6641 550
Wood 3758 350
Workshop 11508 400
Zero 6506 650

A choice

Server admins can either adjust, the config values for room costs, based on the table above (or by using the /tardisroom blocks save command to generate per room text files that list the required blocks and the actual room cost — good if you have custom rooms). This makes things better, but Artron Energy can still be gained for free using a recharge beacon.

A better choice

On SURVIVAL servers, the better choice is to use the rooms_require_blocks: true option. Rather than using just the Artron Energy cost, this makes sure that players have gathered the resources they need first. This can be balanced with the rooms_condenser_percent option. Setting this to less than 100% means that players need only gather a portion of the required blocks, and the rest can be made up of Artron Energy. There is plenty of flexibility to get the balance just right :)