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The Recipe command

Don’t know the recipe for a TARDIS item? Use the recipe command!

/tardisrecipe [item]

This command works the same way as the Essentials plugin /recipe command.

Recipe command reference

Listed below is a selection of TARDIS items that you can craft. You can use the /tardisrecipe list command to see a categorised list of all items.

Tip: You can also use tab key completion to see a full list in-game.


Fob Watch /tardisrecipe fob-watch
Handles /tardisrecipe handles
Rift Manipulator /tardisrecipe rift-manipulator
Tardis Communicator /tardisrecipe communicator
Red Bow Tie /tardisrecipe bow-tie
Three D Glasses /tardisrecipe 3-d-glasses

Console circuits

Tardis Ars Circuit /tardisrecipe ars-circuit
Tardis Chameleon Circuit /tardisrecipe chameleon-circuit
Tardis Input Circuit /tardisrecipe input-circuit
Tardis Invisibility Circuit /tardisrecipe invisibility-circuit
Tardis Materialisation Circuit /tardisrecipe materialisation-circuit
Tardis Memory Circuit /tardisrecipe memory-circuit
Tardis Randomiser Circuit /tardisrecipe randomiser-circuit
Tardis Scanner Circuit /tardisrecipe scanner-circuit
Tardis Telepathic Circuit /tardisrecipe telepathic-circuit
Tardis Temporal Circuit /tardisrecipe temporal-circuit


Custard Cream /tardisrecipe custard-cream
Fish Finger /tardisrecipe fish-finger
Jammy Dodger /tardisrecipe jammy-dodger
Paper Bag /tardisrecipe paper-bag
Bowl Of Custard /tardisrecipe bowl-of-custard
Orange Jelly Baby /tardisrecipe jelly-baby

Item circuits

Perception Circuit /tardisrecipe perception-circuit
Rift Circuit /tardisrecipe rift-circuit
Sonic Generator /tardisrecipe sonic-generator
Sonic Oscillator /tardisrecipe sonic-oscillator
Tardis Locator Circuit /tardisrecipe locator-circuit
Tardis Stattenheim Circuit /tardisrecipe stattenheim-circuit


Artron Storage Cell /tardisrecipe artron-storage-cell
Perception Filter /tardisrecipe perception-filter
Sonic Screwdriver /tardisrecipe sonic-screwdriver
Stattenheim Remote /tardisrecipe stattenheim-remote
Tardis Artron Furnace /tardisrecipe artron-furnace
Tardis Biome Reader /tardisrecipe biome-reader
Tardis Key /tardisrecipe key
Tardis Locator /tardisrecipe locator
Tardis Remote Key /tardisrecipe remote-key


Time Rotor Early /tardisrecipe time-rotor-early
Time Rotor Tenth /tardisrecipe time-rotor-tenth
Time Rotor Eleventh /tardisrecipe time-rotor-eleventh
Time Rotor Twelfth /tardisrecipe time-rotor-twelfth

Sonic circuits

Bio Scanner Circuit /tardisrecipe bio-scanner-circuit
Diamond Disruptor Circuit /tardisrecipe diamond-disruptor-circuit
Emerald Environment Circuit /tardisrecipe emerald-environment-circuit
Ignite Circuit /tardisrecipe ignite-circuit
Knockback Circuit /tardisrecipe knockback-circuit
Painter Circuit /tardisrecipe painter-circuit
Pickup Arrows Circuit /tardisrecipe pickup-arrows-circuit
Redstone Activator Circuit /tardisrecipe redstone-activator-circuit
Server Admin Circuit /tardisrecipe server-admin-circuit

Sonic upgrades

Admin Upgrade /tardisrecipe admin-upgrade
Bio Scanner Upgrade /tardisrecipe bio-scanner-upgrade
Redstone Upgrade /tardisrecipe redstone-upgrade
Diamond Upgrade /tardisrecipe diamond-upgrade
Emerald Upgrade /tardisrecipe emerald-upgrade
Painter Upgrade /tardisrecipe painter-upgrade
Ignite Upgrade /tardisrecipe ignite-upgrade
Pickup Arrows Upgrade /tardisrecipe pickup-arrows-upgrade
Knockback Upgrade /tardisrecipe knockback-upgrade

Storage disks

Authorised Control Disk /tardisrecipe authorised-control-disk
Blank Storage Disk /tardisrecipe blank-storage-disk
Biome Storage Disk /tardisrecipe biome-storage-disk
Player Storage Disk /tardisrecipe player-storage-disk
Preset Storage Disk /tardisrecipe preset-storage-disk
Save Storage Disk /tardisrecipe save-storage-disk


Acid Battery /tardisrecipe acid-battery
Rust Plague Sword /tardisrecipe rust-plague-sword
Tardis Schematic Wand /tardisrecipe schematic-wand

Recipe GUI