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TARDIS pruning

Pruning is a potentially hazardous activity — make sure you have backed up your server BEFORE running this command!

You can list and remove TARDISes that have not been used for an extended period using the /tardisadmin [prunelist|prune] commands.

Each time a player logs in to the server, their last use time is recorded in the database. You can use this data to determine if a TARDIS has been abandoned.


To list TARDISes that have not been used for a number of days, use the command:

/tardisadmin prunelist [days]

Change [days] to the minimum number of days the TARDISes have been inactive for. The command will output to the screen/console and also save a text file called TARDIS_Prune_List.txt to the TARDIS folder.


If you are happy that the TARDISes in the list are OK to be pruned, use the command:

/tardisadmin prune [days]

Bypassing a prune

You can allow players to be excluded from pruning by giving them the permission tardis.prune.bypass. This will ensure that the players’ “last use” is always set to time in the distant future.