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The TARDIS plugin has 3 built-in planets from the Whoniverse. To enable the planets on the server use the command /tardisworld enable [gallifrey|siluria|skaro] - this will enable the worlds on planets.yml, load the related listener classes on the server, and generate the spawn chunks ready for TARDIS time travel.

Prior to v4.9.0

The planets are created by installing custom datapacks on the server. To enable the planets on the server use the command /tardisworld load [gallifrey|siluria|skaro] - this will install the appropriate custom dimension datapack on the server, and the world will be generated on the next server restart. The worlds will be named according to vanilla Minecraft conventions using the default world name as specified in server.properties e.g. world_tardis_gallifrey, _ world_tardis_siluria_, and world_tardis_skaro

The planets are listed and described below!


To get the best experience on these planets, it’s recommended to download the accompanying plugin and resource pack. Otherwise, mobs will look like vanilla mobs!

Planet Skaro

planet skaro

Planet Gallifrey

planet gallifrey

Planet Siluria

planet siluria

Enabling Planets

All planets must be enabled using the /tardisworld enable command. There are some world specific options in the planets.yml configuration file. Below is a sample code, and it is commented to describe each line.

For acid potion effects, see the Bukkit PotionType Enum.

# other config #
# Planet name
  # Whether this world should be created and managed by TARDIS.
  # This must be enabled to load the world and requires a restart.
  enabled: false

  #### The following are exclusive to Skaro. ###
  # Whether all the water in the world is acid (and harms the player).
  acid: true
  # the amount of damage a player takes when in acid water each second.
  acid_damage: 5
  # Optional list of potion effects to give the player when they are in acid water.
    - POISON
  # Whether rust is enabled (not actually used yet).
  rust: true
  # Whether or not to enable flying daleks
  flying_daleks: true

  ## other terrain options, see planets configuration ##

  # Exclusive to custom planets.
  # Should non-doctor who (vanilla) mobs spawn?
  spawn_other_mobs: true
# other config #


  1. Use the command /tardisworld enable [gallifrey|siluria|skaro]
  2. (Re)start the server