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Modifying the TARDIS interior

Note: see also: TARDIS Desktop Theme

While you can’t modify the Police Box — as it gets recreated every time you travel to a new destination, it is possible to alter the interior of the TARDIS (aside from growing rooms). However there are some blocks that the plugin expects to be in a certain position. These are:

You can move these to wherever you want, but you must run the command:

/tardis update [the block to update]

So that the TARDIS plugin will know of the new locations and your TARDIS will function correctly. Visit the Commands page for more detailed info on the command.

Anything else can be destroyed and changed.

Note 1: The TARDIS expects the blocks for the controls to be a certain type. The table below shows which blocks you can use for each:

TARDIS control Valid blocks
world-repeater Redstone Repeater
x-repeater Redstone Repeater
y-repeater (multiplier) Redstone Repeater
z-repeater Redstone Repeater
handbrake Lever
button Stone Button, Wood Button, Lever
artron Stone Button, Wood Button, Lever
chameleon Wall Sign, Sign Post
save-sign Wall Sign, Sign Post
ars (Architectural Reconfiguration System) Wall Sign, Sign Post
info (TARDIS Info System) Wall Sign, Sign Post
temporal (Temporal Locator) Wall Sign, Sign Post
door Iron Door
condenser Single Chest
scanner Stone Button, Wood Button, Lever
direction Item Frame
keyboard Wall Sign, Sign Post
toggle_wool (wool behind door switch) Stone Button, Wood Button, Lever

Note 2: If create_worlds is false in the TARDIS configuration file and you are using a TARDIS version prior to v2.7-beta-1, the plugin only reserves and protects the initial chunks used to create the TARDIS in, which means that another player could potentially create a TARDIS that overlaps yours if you make it bigger.

See also: Binding destinations to blocks

Changing room wall and floor blocks

Although you set the TARDIS interior wall and floor blocks when you make a TARDIS seed block, you are not limited to the choice you made at that time.

You can change the blocks that room walls and floors are grown with in two ways:

Sandstone walls