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Hostile Action Displacement/Dispersal System

You can set the TARDIS to move away from hostile actions automatically (DISPLACEMENT) or disperse its particles into the air (DISPERSAL) with HADS.

To enable HADS, use the /tardisprefs command:

/tardisprefs hads on

To set the HADS type, use the /tardisprefs command:

/tardisprefs hads_type [DISPLACEMENT|DISPERSAL]

You can configure how many hits it takes to trigger HADS. See the TARDIS Preferences Configuration page.

When HADS (DISPLACEMENT) has been activated, the TARDIS finds a random spot to travel to within a configurable radius (default 10 blocks).

When HADS (DISPERSAL) has been activated, the TARDIS scatters its particles and then creates a carpet floor of coloured wool.

Once dispersed, the Time Lord of the TARDIS must stand in the centre of the carpet and RIGHT-CLICK-AIR with their Sonic Screwdriver to rebuild the Police Box.