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TARDIS flight modes

From v2.9-beta-1, TARDIS now has three different flight modes. Flight modes are a player preference, and can be set using the command /tardisprefs flight [mode] command.

The three flight modes are:

Manual flight mode

In manual flight mode the repeaters are called:

In manual flight mode, the more repeaters you miss hitting, the further from your desired location you will land

You can set the delay between having to click the repeaters in the config: /tardisadmin manual_flight_delay [ticks] — default is 60 (3 seconds)

Video goes here

Regulator flight mode

Use the four direction buttons to keep the flight path stabilised in the centre of the vortex blocks (black stained-glass).

In regulator flight mode, the further away from the centre the regulator block is, the further from your desired location you will land

Video goes here


Currently if the destination is inside a building, the adjusted location will most probably end up on the roof (even if there is room inside the building).