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If you have Dynmap installed on your server, you can use the Dynmap-TARDIS add-on to display the real-time locations of all TARDISes.

As of TARDIS v4.6.2 the Dynmap-TARDIS add-on has been integrated into the main TARDIS plugin. To enable/disable TARDISes in dynmap, set dynmap.enabled: true\false in the TARDIS config or run the command /tardisconfig dynmap true|false.

Configuration options

Option Type Default Value
    enabled boolean true
  Sets whether to display TARDISes in Dynmap (requires Dynmap to be installed on the server).  
    update_period integer 30
  Sets the interval in seconds between TARDIS marker updates, try setting this higher if you experience lag.  
    updates_per_tick integer 10
  Sets the maximum number of TARDIS markers to update per tick, try setting this lower if you experience lag.  

Dynmap-TARDIS plugin (for TARDIS version below 4.6.2)

You can download the Dynmap-TARDIS plugin from here: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/dynmap-tardis/



  1. Install Dynmap as per the instructions found on the Dynmap page. Run the server once to generate the default Dynmap files and folders.
  2. Drop the Dynmap-TARDIS.jar file in the server plugins folder.
  3. Put the tardis.png icon file ( tardis icon) into the plugins/dynmap/web/tiles/_markers_/ folder.
  4. Run the command /dmarker addicon id:tardis newlabel:tardis file:plugins/dynmap/web/tiles/_markers_/tardis.png
  5. Stop and start the server.
  6. Render the map.