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Destination Terminal

The Destination Terminal is an alternative way to set a time travel location. The Destination Terminal is automatically added to new TARDISes. You can destroy and place it at a new location by using the /tardis update terminal command.

To use the Destination Terminal, right-click it to open the inventory based GUI. You will see a screen like the one below. The basic functions of the GUI are the same as when using the repeaters on the TARDIS console — you can set the x and z coordinates, a distance multiplier, and a world type. The Destination Terminal also lets you select the TARDIS submarine mode for travelling under water.

Destination Terminal

Key to the blocks

First row: Step levels — these control how much the x, z and multiplier values change.

Second row: x coordinate.

Third row: z coordinate.

Fourth row: distance multiplier.

Fifth row: world/environment type.

Bottom row: check/set destination.


Slightly outdated, but you’ll get the idea…