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The Custom Chameleon preset

The TARDIS Chameleon Circuit GUI has one preset slot set up so that server admins can add a custom preset.

Custom presets need to be a certain size and shape:

maximum preset area

You can build the custom preset with almost any block (directional blocks can sometimes be an issue), it can contain empty spaces (AIR), and there should be a door in it somewhere (iron, wood and trap doors will all work). IMPORTANT: When you build it, start by facing EAST so you are looking at the FRONT of the design.

Once you have constructed your new design, you need to create a preset file for the TARDIS plugin to use. The easiest way to do this is to use the /tardisadmin make_preset [name] [asymmetric] command.

To use the command:

The plugin creates a text file in the plugins/TARDIS folder called custom_preset_[name].txt

Final steps

If your custom preset contained a sign, you can change the text that is displayed on the second and third lines (the first line is reserved for the player’ name).


Video here