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Custom consoles

TARDIS has the ability to add your own custom consoles using TARDIS schematic files (.tschm) and the custom_consoles.yml and artron.yml configuration files.


After running the plugin for the first time, a configuration file called custom_consoles.yml will be created in the plugins/TARDIS folder.

By default it contains one entry called ‘CUSTOM’ which is initially disabled.

It looks like this:

# custom console names should preferably be a single word,
# and cannot contain spaces (use underscores)
    enabled: false
    schematic: custom
    seed: OBSIDIAN
    has_beacon: true
    has_lanterns: false
    description: Super-duper Custom Console

You can add as many custom consoles as you wish, all you need to do is duplicate the CUSTOM entry and then change it to suit as needed. The settings are explained below:


The custom console schematic will NOT be enabled until an Artron Energy upgrade cost is entered into artron.yml. Add the schematic name (as entered into custom_consoles.yml) to the upgrades config section along withe Artron cost.

    custom: 10000
    rani: 8000

The schematic file

When you have created your TARDIS schematic, you will need to put it in the plugins/TARDIS/user_schematics folder, and then restart the server.

You can learn about creating custom console schematics on the Schematics page.