A Spigot / Paper plugin for all Doctor Who fans — create and use a TARDIS! It’s bigger on the inside!

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Creating a TARDIS

To create a TARDIS, you first need to craft a TARDIS seed block. The crafting recipe depends on which version of the plugin you have installed.

To see the crafting recipes, use the command:

/tardisrecipe seed [console type]

or just type “how do I make a TARDIS?” into chat.

TARDIS Seed Blocks

A seed block requires five different components as explained below. You can mix and match your own combination of blocks (20,000+ different combinations with the default plugin configuration) to customise the appearance of your TARDIS.

Crafting a TARDIS seed block

The crafting grid above shows how to craft the default ‘budget’ TARDIS that starts off with the FACTORY chameleon preset (TARDIS v3.7 and higher):

Once the required and chosen blocks are placed in the crafting grid, a TARDIS seed block is automatically generated.

Seed blocks can be placed, broken and dropped and still remain as a valid seed block.

Seed block not crafting? You might be using a really old version of the plugin - check out the instructions here: the old way of crafting

TARDIS types

View a gallery of interiors

Growing the TARDIS from the seed

Your TARDIS Police Box requires a 3 x 3 x 4 (w x d x h) cuboid region. Where you place the TARDIS seed block will be the centre of the Police Box, and will be saved as the TARDIS’s ‘Home’ location.

To create your TARDIS, right-click a placed seed block with the TARDIS key.

Entering the TARDIS

Your TARDIS requires a key, (default is a gold nugget, configurable in the config file).

RIGHT-click the door with your “key” to open the door and then walk into your new TARDIS interior!


This video is now outdated, for TARDIS v3.7 and above do NOT include the exterior wall or lamp blocks!


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