A Spigot / Paper plugin for all Doctor Who fans — create and use a TARDIS! It’s bigger on the inside!

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To get started choose a page:

Index / Site map — An alphabetical list

First things first

Getting started/installation — All you need to install the plugin

Creating a TARDIS — Creating your first TARDIS

Companions — How to let other players join you on your travels

Artron Energy — All you need to know about what powers your TARDIS

Enter and Exit — Moving in and out of the TARDIS

Removing a TARDIS — Deleting your TARDIS

Time travelling

Time Travel — How to navigate the time vortex

Advanced TARDIS Console — Add more complexity to the game

Alternative controls — Set destinations in style

TARDIS malfunctions — When not everything goes to plan

If you’re stuck

FAQs — Those questions you always wanted answered

Cool stuff to do & use

MCPatcher texture support — Custom textures for TARDIS blocks and items

Zero Room — A place of peace and tranquility

Weeping Angels — Add new terrifying mobs to the game

TARDIS Genetic Manipulator — “I am Richard Lazarus. I am 76 years old, and I am reborn!”

Sonic Screwdriver — The Doctor’s do everything tool

Perception Filter — Make yourself less noticeable

Architectural Reconfiguration System — Remodel the TARDIS

Rooms — Growing rooms

Gravity wells — Bend the laws of physics

Custom rooms — Use your own schematics

Modifying the TARDIS interior — Customise the look of your TARDIS

Change the TARDIS desktop theme — Just like in the show

Chameleon Circuit — Make the TARDIS blend in with its environment

Junk TARDIS — Time travel without a capsule, nasty stuff

Whovian food — Eat like the doctor

Environment Scanner & Exterior Renderer — Check what’s happening outside the TARDIS

Energy Condenser — Convert raw materials into Artron Energy

Artron Storage Cells — Transfer energy to where you need it

Mob farming — Capture farm animals in the Police Box and transport them into the TARDIS

HADS — Hostile Action Displacement System

Emergency Program One — Have an NPC say a message in the TARDIS when you die

Autonomous control — Have the TARDIS fly home when you die

Universal Translator — Chat in a different language

Books and Achievements — Get rewarded for doing stuff

Custom Schematics — Want to use your own TARDIS design?


Commands — A command overview

TARDIS Commands — General TARDIS commands

Travel Commands — Travel related commands

Player Preferences — Commands to set TARDIS player preferences

Bind commands — ‘Bind’ saves to buttons for easy access

Texture Pack commands — Switch texture packs when entering and exiting the TARDIS

Admin Commands — Configure the TARDIS plugin settings

Give Commands — Give TARDIS items and Artron Energy to players

Remote Commands — Remotely control any TARDIS

Schematic Commands — Make TARDIS schematics

Area Commands — Set up areas that players can travel to (such as recharge stations and parking lots)

Admin stuff

Localisation — Change the language of TARDIS messages

T.I.P.S — The TARDIS Interior Positioning System

Configuration — A big list of config options

Permissions — A big list of permissions

Item kits — Give multiple items to players

TARDIS recipes — Configure TARDIS item recipes

TARDIS world permissions — Automatically set perms for TARDIS worlds

TARDIS areas — How to set up TARDIS areas

Rooms and economies — How to balance the two


Change log — A list of all the stuff that has been added and fixed since release.

TARDIS Java Docs — Get the low down on the code

Player submitted schematics — Browse and upload room and TARDIS schematics contributed by the community.

Minecraft data values — Find the id/data values, recipes and Bukkit enums for Minecraft blocks and items.

Minecraft name generator — Currently a work in progress, but give a whirl anyway!

Bukkit plugin starter — Generate the required files to start writing a Bukkit plugin in NetBeans.