A Spigot / Paper plugin for all Doctor Who fans — create and use a TARDIS! It’s bigger on the inside!

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Storage configuration options

These are the plugin storage configuration options.

Option Type Default Value
    database string sqlite
  Sets the database type the plugin uses. Valid values are sqlite and mysql
    mysql: Only applicable if database is set to mysql, otherwise this section can be ignored
        url string mysql://localhost:3306/TARDIS
  Sets the url to the mysql database, where:
localhost = the ip address or hostname of the MySQL server (if the MySQL server is on the same server as the Spigot server, you can usually use localhost
3306 = the port on which the MySQL server is running (default 3306)
bukkit = the name of the database where the TARDIS data will be stored
e.g. mysql://hostname or ip address:port number/datababase name
        user string bukkit
  Sets the user that connects to the mysql database
        password string mysecurepassword
  Sets the password to connect to the mysql database
        prefix string ''
  Sets the prefix added to the table names used in the mysql database. Spigot servers will generally only use one database, so to distinguish the TARDIS tables from other plugins this should probably be set to something like tardis_

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