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Preference configuration options

These are the TARDIS preferences configuration options.

Option Type Default Value
    language string en
  Sets the language used for TARDIS message localisation. The plugin will look for a file named with this setting and the file extension .yml. Should be set to an international language code.
    key string GOLD_NUGGET
  Sets the TARDIS key item. You can use any valid Bukkit Material ENUM. A list can be found here: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/
    walk_in_tardis boolean true
  Sets whether players can walk into the Police Box to enter the TARDIS. If set to false, clicking the door with the TARDIS key teleports you to the interior.
    open_door_policy boolean false
  Sets whether anyone can enter the TARDIS. If set to false (the default) only the Time Lord and their compnions can enter the TRADIS.
    use_worldguard boolean true
  Sets whether the TARDIS interior becomes a protected WorldGuard region belonging to the player who created the TARDIS.
    respect_worldguard string build
  Sets whether time travelling respects protected WorldGuard regions. Valid values are none — no checking is performed, and any WorldGuard state flag, generally this will probably be build or entry.
    respect_grief_prevention boolean true
  Sets whether time travelling respects protected GriefPrevention claims.
    respect_towny string nation
  Sets whether time travelling respects protected Towny regions. Valid values are none — no checking is performed, wilderness — players can only land in wilderness, town — players can also land in a town they are a resident of, nation — players can land in any town that is in the same nation as their own town.
    respect_worldborder boolean true
    respect_factions boolean true
  Sets whether time travelling respects protected regions (if players do not have rights to build in an area, they will be denied access).
    sfx_volume integer 10
  Sets the default volume of the TARDIS Resource Pack sounds. Using 10 is the same volume as the default sounds, lower values make the sounds quieter.
    difficulty string hard
  Sets how hard it is for players to use the plugin. This usually affects the TARDIS crafting recipes, whether they can use certain commands and whether TARDIS functions are controlled by circuits being installed. Valid values are easy, medium and hard
    strike_lightning boolean true
  Sets whether a TARDIS recharge point will strike lightning when recharging a TARDIS.
    freeze_cooldown integer 60
  Sets the cool down period (in seconds) between uses of the Sonic Screwdriver’s player freeze function.
    hads_damage integer 10
  Sets the number of hits the Police Box will take before engaging HADS.
    hads_distance integer 10
  Sets the distnace in blocks the Police Box will travel when HADS is engaged.
    malfunction integer 3
  Sets the percentage chance the TARDIS will malfunction when travelling.
    malfunction_nether integer 3
    malfunction_end integer 3
  Sets the percentage chance a malfunction will deposit the TARDIS in the The End or the Nether.
    use_default_condensables boolean true
  Sets whether to use the plugin settings for condenser values. If you want to set your own values, set this to false and edit condensables.yml
    no_creative_condense boolean false
  Sets whether players can condense items in CREATIVE game mode.
    heal_speed integer 200
  Sets the heal speed in the Zero room. The default value of 200 means the player will gain half a heart every 200 ticks (10 seconds)
    default_key string eleventh
  Sets the default key texture.
    default_sonic string eleventh
  Sets the default sonic screwdriver texture.
    wand string BONE
  Sets the item to use as the TARDIS schematic wand.
    render_entities boolean true
  Sets whether mobs will be shown in the Rendering room.
    nerf_pistons.enabled boolean false
  Sets whether the plugin will attempt to prevent protected TARDIS blocks from being moved by pistons.
    nerf_pistions.only_tardis_worlds boolean true
  Sets whether all worlds are checked for pistons moving TARDIS blocks, or only TARDIS worlds.
    spawn_random_monsters boolean true
  Sets whether monsters will randomly spawn in the TARDIS if door is left open.
    spawn_limit integer 10
  Sets the maximum number of monsters that can randomly spawn inside a TARDIS
    vortex_fall string kill
  Sets whether players who fall into the void in the TARDIS_TimeVortex world are killed or teleported back into the TARDIS. Options: [kill|teleport]
    no_coords boolean false
  Sets whether players will see the coordinates message when choosing a random destination.

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