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Room growth configuration options

These are the room growth configuration options.

Option Type Default Value
    gravity_max_distance integer 16
    gravity_max_velocity integer 5
  Sets sets the maximum distance and velocity a gravity well can be set to.  
    rooms_require_blocks boolean true
  Sets whether growing a room requires the player to condense the materials required to grow the room in the TARDIS condenser.  
    rooms_condenser_percent integer 100
  Sets the percentage of the actual blocks that a player needs to condense if rooms_require_blocks: true  
    return_room_seed boolean true
  Sets whether the room seed block is returned to the player when they jettison the room.  
    room_speed integer 4
  Sets the speed (in blocks per second) at which rooms are grown. Maximum speed is 20 which is one block per tick.  
    ars_limit integer 1
  Sets the maximum number of rooms that can be reconfigured at a time.  

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