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TARDIS creation configuration options

These are the creation configuration options.

Option Type Default Value
    create_worlds boolean false
  It is NOT recommended setting this to true! Sets whether TARDISes are created in their own separate worlds.  
    create_worlds_with_perms boolean false
  Sets whether TARDISes are created in their own separate worlds for players with the appropriate permission — tardis.create_world.  
    default_world boolean true
  Sets whether TARDISes are created in a shared world. Also required to be true to enable the Junk TARDIS and the abilty to abandon TARDISes.  
    default_world_name string TARDIS_TimeVortex
  Sets the name of the default world. This is only used if default_world is true.  
    border_radius integer 256
  Sets the distance of the WorldBorder barrier (only used if the plugin is installed on the server).  
    keep_night boolean true
  Sets whether to keep the TARDIS world in perpetual night.  
    inventory_group string '0'
  If the Multiverse-Inventories plugin is enabled on the server, you can set the group that TARDIS worlds are added to when they are created.  
    add_perms boolean true
  Sets whether a TARDIS world is assigned permissions when the server uses a permissions plugin that has per-world configuration — see Add permissions.  
    custom_schematic boolean false
  Sets whether the server will use a custom TARDIS console schematic — see Schematics.  
    custom_schematic_seed string OBSIDIAN
  Sets the material for crafting the custom TARDIS console seed block.  
    custom_creeper_id string BEACON
  Sets the block material that the plugin should look for in the custom schematic to spawn the Artron Capacitor charged creeper on.  
    use_clay string WOOL
  Sets whether the coloured wool in TARDIS console and room schematics is switched to stained terracotta or concrete instead. Valid options are WOOL, TERRACOTTA, and CONCRETE.  
    count integer 0
  Sets the maximum number of times a player can build and destroy a TARDIS. If set to 0 there is NO maximum.  
    tips_limit integer 400
  Sets the number of T.I.P.S slots to use. Must be one of 400, 800, 1200 or 1600.  
    area string none
  If set to a pre-defined TARDIS area, it will set that area as the only place on the server that TARDISes can be created in.  
    enable_legacy boolean true
  Sets whether the legacy console schematics are available to build TARDIS interiors with.  
    check_for_home boolean true
  Sets whether the TARDIS creation location is already set to another player’s home location.  
    seed_block_crafting boolean true
  Sets whether players can craft TARDIS seed blocks.  

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