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The TARDIS plugin supports companions so you can travel with your friends!

You can allow other players to travel with you in the TARDIS. You must first add the player’s name to the TARDIS companion list. To do this:

Use the command:

/tardis add [player]

To add players to the TARDIS companion list.

Use the command:

/tardis remove [player]

To remove players from the TARDIS companion list.

Companions can enter the TARDIS at anytime, unless the door is dead-locked by the Time Lord owner. Companion players will also need (as a minimum) the permission tardis.enter

Once inside the TARDIS, anyone can use the controls unless they have been locked by the Time Lord owner.

To lock controls, you use the /tardisprefs command:

/tardisprefs isomorphic [on|off]

List companions

To list your companions, type the command:

/tardis list companions

To list the companions currently in your TARDIS, type the command:

/tardis inside

You can prevent anyone — including companions and yourself — from entering the TARDIS by locking the Police Box door. To do this, LEFT -click the door with your TARDIS key.