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All commands are case-insensitive.

Only the admin commands are available via the console.

You can view descriptions, usage and permissions for all commands in-game using the TARDIS help system. Type /tardis help to list all the commands, then use /tardis? [command] to view all the relevant subcommands. Use /tardis? [command] [subcommand] when necessary to view the command information.

There are lots of commands:

/tardis - Do stuff with your TARDIS

/tardistravel - Go somewhere in your TARDIS

/tardisprefs - Change your TARDIS preferences

/tardisbind - Bind destinations to buttons

/tardisbook - Get TARDIS timelore books and start achievements

/tardisgravity - Create TARDIS gravity wells in any direction

/tardisrecipe - View recipes for TARDIS items

/tardisadmin - Perform TARDIS administration tasks

/tardisconfig - Change the TARDIS plugin configuration

/tardisgive - Give TARDIS items to players

/tardissudo - Admin super user commands

/tardisarea - Set up predefined TARDIS travel areas

/tardisroom - Add custom rooms and view room costs

/tardistexture - Switch texture packs when entering/exiting the TARDIS

/tardisremote - Remotely control any TARDIS

/tardisschematic - Make TARDIS schematics

/tardisnetherportal - Get coordinates for linking Nether Portals

/tardisjunk - Junk TARDIS related commands

/handles - Handles related commands

There are multiple command arguments for each command.

Command aliases

Command Aliases
/tardis /tt
/tardistravel /ttravel
/tardisadmin /tadmin
/tardisconfig /tconfig
/tardisroom /troom
/tardisprefs /tprefs
/tardisarea /tarea
/tardisbind /tbind
/tardisgravity /tgravity
/tardisbook /tbook
/tardistexture /tardisresource
/tardisremote /tremote
/tardisschematic /tschematic

Basic travel commands:

Note: Some of these commands do not work in hard difficulty mode. See the Advanced Console page for more information.

Returning home

To return home simply use the command:

/tardistravel home

Setting a new home

To move your TARDIS home location, simply look at the block you wish to make the new home location, and use the command:

/tardis home

Saving destinations

To save the destination where your TARDIS currently is, use the command:

/tardis save [name]

To save the location your player is looking at for future TARDIS travel use the command:

/tardis setdest [name]

Travelling to destinations & areas

To travel to a saved destination use the command:

/tardistravel dest [name]

To travel to a saved area (such as a recharging point) use the command:

/tardistravel area [name]

Calling your TARDIS

Note: In hard difficulty mode you maust use the Stattenheim Remote.

To call your TARDIS to you, simply use the command:

/tardis comehere