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Circuit use and repair

If configured (difficulty: hard and damage: true), circuits can become damaged after use. When the tardis malfunctions there is a 50% chance that a circuit will become damaged even more than usual.

circuit uses


Circuit use could will decrease in the following circumstances:

Circuit Used when
ars clicking the ‘Reconfigure’ button in the ARS GUI
chameleon clicking the ‘Apply preset now’ button in the Chameleon Circuit GUI
input setting a destination with the Destination Terminal
invisibility selecting the Invibility preset in the Chameleon Circuit GUI
materialisation the TARDIS re-materialises after travelling
memory processing a disk in the Advanced Console
randomiser getting a random destination in the Advanced Console
scanner pressing the Scanner button
temporal setting the time in the Temporal Locator GUI


Circuits can be repaired by combining them with redstone in an anvil.

You need to click the output slot to make the repair. One redstone gives one level of use.

circuit repair

circuit repaired

Configuration options

The defaults are shown below:

    damage: false
        ars: 20
        chameleon: 25
        input: 50
        invisibility: 5
        materialisation: 50
        memory: 20
        randomiser: 50
        scanner: 20
        temporal: 20

damage: [true|false] — whether circuits get damaged after each use. Setting this to false (the default) means circuits have unlimited uses.

uses: <circuit>: [amount] — set the maximum number of uses a circuit has before it is vapourised. Setting this to 0 gives unlimited uses for that circuit.