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Chameleon Arch

The Tenth Doctor used a Chameleon Arch to change himself into the human John Smith to elude the Family of Blood. You can craft a fob watch to change your self from a Time Lord in a regular player (a Steve — albeit with a random name).

Fob watch

To view the fob watch recipe type:

/tardisrecipe watch

Chameleon Arch use

Once you have crafted the fob watch, you can put it to use!

  1. Right-click-AIR with the watch
    • Your health is reduced to 10% — when Martha Jones asked if the transformation into a human would be painful, the Tenth Doctor simply responded “Oh yeah; it hurts”, implying any change in species caused a great deal of pain
    • You are given random name
    • The Steve skin is applied
    • Your current Time Lord inventory and armour is saved, and you are given a new empty inventory
  2. Do stuff… like trick people, become a farmer or join a village…
  3. Try to pilot your TARDIS :(
    • Unfortunately the TARDIS no longer recognises that you are a Time Lord so denies you access to the controls
  4. Try to select fob watch in hotbar, even if you can when you try to…
  5. Right-click-AIR to ‘de-fob’
    • You can’t until the configured minimum ‘fobbed’ time requirement has been met

When ‘de-fobbing’ your Time Lord inventory and armour is restored.

If configured (see below), a player may lose both ‘fobbed’ and time Lord inventories when they die.

If you log off while ‘fobbed’ the amount of time you have been ‘fobbed’ for is recorded, when you log back in you will still need to meet the minimum time requirement.

Chameleon Arch commands

There are two commands associated with ‘fobbing’.

/tardis arch_time

Shows the player how much time left they have before they can ‘de-fob’

/tardisadmin arch [fake arch name]

Admins can use this to show the ‘fobbed’ player’s real name
Note: command usage is still logged with the player’s real name.

Chameleon Arch configuration

Server admins can change the Chameleon Arch options.

    enabled: [true|false]
    min_time: [real time in minutes]
    switch_inventory: [true|false]
    clear_inv_on_death: [true|false]

enabled — whether the feature is even enabled — default true, restart required for change to take effect

min_time — how long a player must remain ‘fobbed’ — default 20 minutes (1 Minecraft day)

switch_inventory — whether to switch/clear the player’s inventory — default true (be careful enabling this if using other inventory management plugins…)

clear_inv_on_death — whether to clear (both) ‘fobbed’ and saved Time Lord inventories on death — default false