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Back doors

You can add a pair of doors to the TARDIS that allow you you to travel in and out of the TARDIS from a fixed location.

Place the (IRON) doors where you want them — one inside and one outside the TARDIS, and the run the following command on each of them:

/tardis update backdoor

Follow the onscreen instructions.

Make sure you are entering/exiting the TARDIS normally (don’t TP) when using the update command.


Right-click the door with your TARDIS key.

Back doors use Artron Energy each time you go through them.

Players require the permission tardis.backdoor


The back door is (IMO) for cheaters… it allows you to place 2 static doors — one inside and one outside, that give you access to the TARDIS interior no matter where the exterior is located, so you could for example have a door in your house that lets you enter the TARDIS, or the reverse — a door in the TARDIS that is permanently linked to one location.