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Artron Furnace

TARDIS Artron Furnaces are special furnaces that can use Artron Storage Cells for fuel (as well as coal and other fuels).

Anyone can craft an Artron Furnace, but only players with the tardis.furnace permission can place them. In order to function TARDISHelper v1.2 or higher must be installed.

To view the recipe use the /tardisrecipe furnace command.

Artron Furnace recipe

There is a custom texture and a custom sound for the Artron Furnace if you have the TARDIS-MCP and TARDISSound resource packs installed in the client.

Artron Furnace textures


You set configuration options in artron.yml, the default settings are shown below:

    burn_limit: 100000
    burn_time: 0.5
    cook_time: 0.5
    set_biome: true

The actual burn time is calculated like so:

burn_limit * burn_time * (cell_charge_level / full_charge)

The default settings mean that the Artron Furnace cooks quickly but doesn’t burn as long.