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Admin commands


Enter a player’s TARDIS (by direct teleport instead of the door).

/tardisadmin enter [player]

Set the beacon block you are targeting in game, as a TARDIS recharge station.

/tardisadmin recharger [name]

Remove the specified beacon recharger from the config.

/tardisadmin decharge [name]

Set whether a specified world is included or excluded from random time travel destinations.

/tardisadmin include [world]
/tardisadmin exclude [world]

List all TARDISs and their locations.

/tardisadmin list

Remove a specified player’s TARDIS.

/tardisadmin delete [player]

List TARDISes that haven’t been used for an extended period.

/tardisadmin prunelist [number of days]

Remove TARDISes that haven’t been used for an extended period. See the Prune page for more details.

/tardisadmin prune [number of days]

Check or set a player’s TARDIS count.

/tardisadmin playercount [player]
/tardisadmin playercount [player] [count]

Delete a player’s TARDIS database records (will not remove any blocks in game).

/tardisadmin purge [player]

List chunks that are being kept loaded by TARDIS — either for room growing or Police Box locations.

/tardisadmin chunks

Chameleon Arch commands

See also the Chameleon Arch page. View an ‘arched’ player’s real name.

/tardisadmin arch [player]

Force toggle a player’s ‘arched’ status.

/tardisadmin arch [player] force