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Add permissions

If you are using a permissions manager that has per world config files, you would normally need to manually add permissions for players when they create a TARDIS in its own world. By setting add_perms: true in the TARDIS config file, you can get the plugin to automatically add permissions groups with your desired permissions attached to them.

To do this:

  1. With TARDIS installed, run the server once so that it creates its default files
  2. Stop the server and edit plugins/TARDIS/permissions.txt
  3. Use the example (in file and) below:

Example permissions.txt


In the example above the first_group is the one that the TARDIS owner will be added to. The second_group would be used for any companions that the first_group player might want to tag along (they can’t build TARDISes, but can enter anyone else’s if they are a companion).

This feature supports Essentials GroupManager and bPermissions only at this stage.