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Planet Skaro

planet skaro

Enabling Skaro

The new Skaro Dalek homeworld is disabled by default, here are some instructions on enabling it.

Minimum requirements

Optional (but recommended) requirements

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Install the plugin versions above
  2. Start the server so that the default plugin files are generated
  3. Stop the server
  4. Edit the TARDIS planets.yml file (found in the plugins/TARDIS/ folder). It looks like this:
switch_resource_packs: false
set_pack_on_join: true
default_resource_pack: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53758864/rp/Default.zip
        enabled: false
        resource_pack: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53758864/rp/Skaro.zip
        acid: true
        acid_damage: 5
        — WEAKNESS
        — POISON
        rust: true
        resource_pack: default

switch_resource_packs: [true|false] — To make the Skaro world look a little different than a regular world, TARDIS can set a small (79KB) resource pack when you switch worlds (you must enable server resource packs in the Minecraft client). The resource pack changes the colour of the sky, clouds, water, lava and fog — you will need to install Optifine.

set_pack_on_join: [true|false] — if players join the server in the Skaro world, setting this to true will switch the resource pack for them.

default_resource_pack: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53758864/rp/Default.zip — This is just an empty resource pack (954 bytes). It is needed to revert back to the default (or other installed) resource pack colours. You can either host your own, or use the one provided. Worlds not listed in the planets section will use this.

planets — This is a list of worlds on your server. If you want to use the world resource pack switching feature for other server worlds, you can add them here. Use the TARDIS_TimeVortex entry as an example.

planets: Skaro — this is the config section for the custom Skaro world. The options are explaind below:

enabled: [true|false] — whether this world should be created and managed by TARDIS.

resource_pack: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53758864/rp/Skaro.zip — this is where you specify the URL to the resource pack you want to switch to when entering the world. Host your own, or use the one provided.

acid: [true|false] — whether all the water in the world is acid (and harms the player).

acid_damage: [amount] — the amount of damage a player takes when in acid water.

acid_potions: [] — optional list of potion effects to give the player when they are in acid water. You can add any potion types from the list here: SPIGOT PotionType.java.

rust: [true|false] — whether rust is enabled (not actually used yet).

Step-by-step instructions (continued...)

  1. Set, at a minimum, planets: Skaro: enabled: true, to use resource pack switching set switch_resource_packs: true
  2. Start the server

TARDIS will copy the required TerrainControl config files to the server and create a new world called ‘Skaro’ that uses TerrainControl as the world generator. The Skaro world will also be enabled for TARDIS travel.