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Schematic format

As of version 3.0-beta-1, TARDIS now uses its own JSON schematic format. The method for creating schematics remains basically the same, with the following differences:

Guidelines for custom TARDIS schematics

You can create multiple custom schematics for the inner TARDIS, but there are a few things you need to know before you jump right in!

  1. In order to be loaded by the plugin, the schematic file must be located in the plugins/TARDIS/user_schematics folder.
  2. There must be an entry for the console in custom_consoles.yml and artron.yml — see Custom Consoles for more information.
  3. The custom TARDIS can only have 1 iron door, 1 stone button, and 1 wood button in its initial design (in addition to the placeholder blocks as listed below).
  4. The TARDIS should be sized in multiples of 16 blocks (1 chunk). Schematics can be a maximum 3x3 chunks in size.
  5. TARDISes should be squares i.e. that same width (x) and length (z) dimensions. A 16 x 16 block TARDIS is good, a 24 x 18 block TARDIS would be bad.
  6. Custom consoles are always grown starting at the same Y level (Y=64), this means that — the level of the floor where the doors are — needs to be at a certain height for the doors to line up with any rooms that are grown. You should be able to determine the floor level by basing your design on one of the template consoles (small, medium, tall).
  7. When you are facing the outside of the TARDIS door, you should be pointing SOUTH.
  8. The are some special placeholder blocks that are needed so the that plugin will record the location of the TARDIS controls. They are:
Block Control
Cake block handbrake
Mushroom stem All 4 repeaters
Oak Sign Control Menu (must have ‘Control’ on the second line)
Wood button Artron Energy Button
Stone button Random Destination Button
Chest Artron Energy Condenser
Iron door TARDIS interior door
Spawner Scanner
Bedrock To block off the Beacon beam (used when turning off the power)
Jukebox Advanced Sonsole
Note block Disk Storage
Command block Artron charged creeper spawn location
Daylight detector Telepathic Circuit

Block and entity support

TARDIS schematics support the following:

Time rotors and interior double doors

You can include time rotors (/tardisrecipe time-rotor-[type]) and item display double doors (/tardisrecipe door) in schematics. Time rotors need to locked in place to add some extra data that is stored with the item frame, and so that the plugin knows to add/update the rotor record in the TARDIS database.