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Note: This feature has changed signicantly as of TARDIS version 2.6-beta-1! It requires:

Growing rooms

As of TARDIS v2.6 it is recommended that you use the Architectural Reconfiguration System to grow rooms.

You can create rooms in your TARDIS. Each room costs a varying amount of Artron Energy. All rooms and the main TARDIS console have automatic piston doors. If your TARDIS doesn’t have these:

To create a room, you place the required material (the seed) in front of the stone pressure plate that triggers the opeining of the piston door — refer to the diagram below (seed blocks are marked in red):

sedd block positions

sedd block positions

Use the command:

/tardis room [room type]

and follow the instructions. The room types and their corresponding seed blocks are as follows:

Arboretum - LEAVES
Empty - GLASS
Eye of Harmony - BRICK STAIRS
Farm - DIRT
Anti-Gravity Well - SANDSTONE
Greenhouse - MELON Block
Kitchen - PUMPKIN
Lazarus - FURNACE
Library - BOOKCASE
Mushroom - GRAVEL
Passage - CLAY Block
Pool - SNOW Block
Renderer - STAINED GLASS Block
Secondary Console - ENDER STONE/WOOD (for Baker/Wood consoles, respectively)
Stable - HAY Block 
Trenzalore - BRICK Block
Village - LOG
Wood - WOOD
Workshop - NETHER BRICK Block
Zero Room - N/A


Once the room is finished generating, a confirmation message will be shown.

Changing the room wall block

By default (most) room walls are ORANGE wool. If you would like to replace all the ORANGE wool blocks with another material, you can set a wall player preference before growing the room.

To see a list of available wall materials, see the walls page, or type:

/tardisprefs wall help

To set your wall block preference, type:

/tardisprefs wall [material]

Where [material] is a block from the wall help list, e.g:

/tardisprefs wall huge_mushroom_2

The next room you grow (if it normally contains ORANGE wool) will have the blocks replaced with your preference.

Mushroom passage

Changing the floor block

Similar to the wall player preference, there is also a floor player preference. If you would like to replace all the LIGHT GREY wool blocks (the default for room floors) with another material, you can set the floor player preference before growing the room. Use:

/tardisprefs floor [material]

Removing rooms

Rooms may also be removed (or in TARDIS terms — jettisoned).

Simply place TNT in the same seed location as when you grew the room and use the command:

/tardis jettison [room type]

Then follow the onscreen instructions.

Jettison rooms

Gravity wells

TARDIS gravity wells let you travel in any direction without having to walk. You can grow a gravity well that goes down, and an anti-gravity well that goes up. This allows you to expand the TARDIS interior over as many levels as you desire. Using the /tardisgravity command you can also create ‘sideways’ gravity wells.

Visit the gravity wells page for more specific information.

Vault room

As of TARDIS v3.1-beta-1 the Vault room will automatically sort items into the chests contained within it.

For more information see: Vault room