A Bukkit plugin for all Doctor Who fans — create and use a TARDIS! It’s bigger on the inside!

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The Recipe command

Don’t know the recipe for a TARDIS item? Use the recipe command!

/tardisrecipe [item]

This command works the same way as the Essentials plugin /recipe command.

Recipe command reference

Listed below is a selection of TARDIS items that you can craft. You can use the /tardisrecipe list command to see a categorised list of all items.

Tip: You can also use tab key completion to see a full list in-game.

TARDIS seed blocks /tardisrecipe tardis [type]
Server Admin Circuit /tardisrecipe a-circuit
Bio-scanner Circuit /tardisrecipe bio-circuit
Biome Storage Disk /tardisrecipe biome-disk
Blank Storage Disk /tardisrecipe blank
Chameleon Circuit /tardisrecipe c-circuit
Diamind Disruptor Circuit /tardisrecipe d-circuit
Emerald Environment Circuit /tardisrecipe e-circuit
Perception Filter /tardisrecipe filter
TARDIS Key /tardisrecipe key
Locator Circuit /tardisrecipe l-circuit
TARDIS Locator /tardisrecipe locator
TARDIS Materialisation Circuit /tardisrecipe m-circuit
Sonic Oscillator /tardisrecipe oscillator
Player Storage Disk /tardisrecipe player-disk
Preset Storage Disk /tardisrecipe preset-disk
Perception Circuit /tardisrecipe p-circuit
Redstone Activator Circuit /tardisrecipe r-circuit
TARDIS Remote key /tardisrecipe r-key
Stattenheim Remote /tardisrecipe remote
Stattenheim Circuit /tardisrecipe s-circuit
Save Storage Disk /tardisrecipe save-disk
Sonic Screwdriver /tardisrecipe sonic

Recipe GUI