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TARDIS Genetic Manipulator (AKA Lazarus Device)


The Genetic Manipulator depends on two plugins being installed alongside TARDIS:

Genetic Manipulation

The Lazarus Device is a hypersonic soundwave manipulator invented by Professor Richard Lazarus. The machine can turn anyone inside decades younger, but the process containes a side effect: genes that evolution rejected and left dormant would be unlocked, transforming the human into a beast that fed off the lifeforce of living creatures.

If you have the permission tardis.lazarus, you too can transform yourself into an amimal or monster by growing a Lazarus room and stepping into the genetic manipulator:

To return to yourself again, you have two options:

Immortality Gate

The Immortality Gate is a complex device of Vinvocci design. The Master understood that the device had been developed to heal the population of entire planets, thus enabling him to pass on his biodata to every human on the planet, thereby turning them all into versions of himself.

If you have the permission tardis.themaster, you can turn everybody on the server into a version of yourself as well.

After 3 minutes, Lord Rassilon himself will step in and restore the human race back their normal form.