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TARDIS give commands

TARDIS admins (players with the permission tardis.admin) can use this command to give items and energy to players.

/tardisgive [player] artron [full|empty|amount]

This will alter the specified player’s TARDIS Artron Energy level.

full will set the level to the amount specified by full_charge in the Artron config file.

empty will set the level to 0.

amount can be either positive or negative, but the final level will never be less than 0 or higher than full_charge.

/tardisgive [player] kit [kit]

This will give the a player the specified TARDIS item kit. Kits can be configured in kits.yml

/tardisgive [player] [item] [amount]

item is any valid TARDIS item available in recipes.yml.

amount determines how many of the item to give the player.