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Custom rooms

TARDIS has the ability to add your own custom rooms using TARDIS schematic files and the /tardisroom command.

Custom schematics created with the /tardisschematic command are automatically saved in the plugins/TARDIS/user_schematics folder, if you have got a schematic from somewhere else you will need to manually put it in the correct folder on the server — it should be called [something].tschm.

To add the room, run the following commands:

/tardisroom add [something]
/tardisroom [something] [cost]
/tardisroom [something] [offset]
/tardisroom [something] [seed material]
/tardisroom [something] true

[something] is the name of the room/schematic file and MUST be lowercase.

[cost] is the Artron Energy cost to grow the room, and must be a POSITIVE number.

[offset] is how far below the door position the schematic extends, and must be a NEGATIVE number e.g. -1 (if your floors don’t line up then you got this wrong) See image below. Most of the time (allowing for the default redstone door circuits) this will be -4.

Offset example

[seed material] is the Bukkit Material enum of the room seed block, and must be a block not used by any other rooms e.g. SAND

true The last command enables the room.

/tardisroom required

Lists the blocks needed to grow a room. This is helpful if rooms_require_blocks is true in the TARDIS config.

/tardisroom required [room name]


    /tardisschematic load user template
    /tardisschematic paste


Note: This video is very outdated! The plugin no longer uses WorldEdit schematics and rooms should be grown with ARS. The video shows also the custom room schematic being put into the schematics folder, but it should now be put into the user_schematics folder.