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The TARDIS Control Menu

From TARDIS version 3.6 and higher, the TARDIS Control Menu is the main way to access the TARDIS’s functions. Previously the TARDIS had multiple signs scattered throughout the console to access its various GUIs. The TARDIS Control Menu brings them all together in one place.

The TARDIS Control Menu sign displays information about the TARDIS’s location and Artron Energy levels.

TARDIS Control Menu sign

If you have an existing TARDIS without the Control Menu, you can add it by placing a sign where you want the Control Menu to be, and running the command:

/tardis update control

Click on the sign and its position will be added to the TARDIS database.

Control Menu use

To use the TARDIS Control Menu, right-click on the Control Menu sign.

TARDIS Control Menu

The Control Menu opens, giving you a range of buttons grouped by type / colour. Hover over each button to see what it does. The button functions are explained below:

Button Icon Action
TARDIS Travel functions
Random Location rand Sets a random destination based on the position of the console world, x, z and multiplier repeaters.
Saved Locations saves Opens the TARDIS Saves GUI.
Fast Return back Sets the destination to the last location the TARDIS travelled to.
TARDIS Areas areas Opens the TARDIS Areas GUI.
Destination Terminal dest Opens the TARDIS Areas GUI.
TARDIS Interior functions
Architectural Reconfiguration System ars Opens the Architectural Reconfiguration GUI.
Desktop Theme theme Opens the Desktop Theme GUI.
Power power Toggles the TARDIS power on and off.
Light Switch lights Toggles the TARDIS lamps on and off.
Toggle blocks behind door toggle Removes or places the wool behind the TARDIS door.
TARDIS Map map Opens the TARDIS Map GUI.
TARDIS Exterior functions
Chameleon Circuit cham Opens the Chameleon Circuit GUI.
Siege Mode siege Toggles Siege Mode on and off.
Hide hide Hides the TARDIS exterior.
Rebuild rebuild Rebuilds the TARDIS exterior.
Direction nwse Changes the direction the TARDIS exterior faces.
Temporal Locator temporal Opens the Temporal Locator GUI.
TARDIS Information functions
Artron Energy Levels artron Displays the current TARDIS Artron Energy levels.
Scanner scan Performs a scan of the TARDIS current (or next if set) destination.
TARDIS Information System hide Opens the TARDIS Information System chat interface.
Miscellaneous functions
Zero Room transmat artron Transmats the player into the Zero Room.
Player Preferences scan Opens the Player Prefs Menu GUI.
Close close Close the TARDIS Control Menu GUI.