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Planet configuration options

These are the plugin planet configuration options (found in planets.yml).

Worlds are added and removed automatically when the plugin is enabled — it will find newly added worlds, and remove worlds that no longer exist.

You should rarely need to edit this section, as worlds can be included or excluded using the /tardisadmin include [world] and /tardisadmin exclude [world] commands.

Option Type Default Value
switch_resource_packs boolean false
  To make the a world look a little different than a regular world, TARDIS can change the resource pack when you switch worlds (you must enable server resource packs in the Minecraft client).
set_pack_on_join boolean true
  If players join the server in a world managed by TARDIS, setting this to true will switch the resource pack for them.
default_resource_pack string https://www.dropbox.com/s/utka3zxmer7f19g/Default.zip?dl=1
  This is just an empty resource pack (954 bytes). It is needed to revert back to the default (or other installed) resource pack colours. You can either host your own, or use the one provided. Worlds not listed in the planets section will use this.
colour_skies boolean true
  Whether to send biome change packets for the Gallifrey and Skaro worlds so that the sky, water, fog, and foliage colours are different than regular worlds.
  This is a list of worlds on your server. If you want to use the world resource pack switching feature for other server worlds, you can add them here. Use the TARDIS_TimeVortex entry as an example.
    [planet name]:
        enabled boolean false
  Whether this world should be loaded and managed by TARDIS.
        time_travel boolean false
  Whether this world can be travelled to using the TARDIS.
        resource_pack string Default
  This is where you specify the URL to the resource pack you want to switch to when entering the world. Host your own, or use the one provided.
        gamemode string SURVIVAL
  The game mode that this world should use. It should be uppercase and one of: SURVIVAL, CREATIVE, ADVENTURE, SPECTATOR.
        world_type string NORMAL
  The type of world that is generated. Should be uppercase, and one of: NORMAL, BUFFET, FLAT.
        environment string NORMAL
  The environment of the world that is generated. Should be uppercase, and one of: NORMAL, THE_END, NETHER.
        generator string DEFAULT
  The name of the generator for the world. Should be the name of the plugin that is used or DEFAULT.
        game_rules boolean list
  A list of game rules that should be applied to the world — such as: doWeatherCycle, doDaylightCycle — values must be true or false. See https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Commands/gamerule.
        generate_structures boolean true
  Whether the world should generate vanilla structures — you would set this to false for example, if the generator was set to the Terra World Generator plugin e.g. Terra:TARTARUS.

Each world on your server has their own section in planets.yml, however there are TARDIS specific worlds as well:

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