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Artron Energy configuration option

These are the Artron Energy configuration options. These config options are found in the file: artron.yml

For Artron Energy room growing costs see the Room configuration page.

Full charge

Set the amount of energy a fully charged TARDIS Artron Energy Capacitor holds.

full_charge: [amount]

The default is 5000.

Set the item that fully charges the Energy Capacitor when you right-click the Artron button with it.

full_charge_item: [material]

The default is NETHER_STAR.

Time Lord energy

Set the amount of energy a player absorbs from the time vortex each time they time travel.

player: [amount]

The default is 25.

Time travel energy costs

Set the amount of energy the different forms of time travel / vortex manipulation / room use consume. The options are: random locations, any /tardistravel, /tardis comehere, /tardis hide commands, autonomous homing and using the renderer or zero rooms

player: [amount] - default: 25
random: [amount] - default: 75
travel: [amount] - default: 100
comehere: [amount] - default: 400
hide: [amount] - default: 500
autonomous: [amount] - default: 100
renderer: [amount] - default: 250
zero: [amount] - default: 250

Inter-dimensional travel

Set the minimum amount of energy the TARDIS Artron Energy Capacitor must have before players can time travel to the Nether or The End.

nether_min: [amount] - default: 4250
the_end_min: [amount] - default: 5500

Beacon recharge distance

Set the maximum distance in blocks, a Police Box can be from a recharge beacon in order to start recharging.

recharge_distance: [blocks]

The default is 20.

Natural lightning recharge

Set the amount of energy TARDISes receive if they are within the recharge_distance of a natural lightning strike.

lightning_recharge: [amount]

The default is 300.

Charged creeper bonus

Set the amount of energy players receive if they kill a charged creeper.

creeper_recharge: [amount]

The default is 150.

Room jettisons

Set the percentage of energy the TARDIS gets back when a room is jettisoned.

jettison: [percentage]

The default is 75.

Standby power mode

You can set how much energy and how often energy is used when the TARDIS is in standby power mode.

standby: [amount]

The default is 5.

standby_time: [ticks]

The default is 6000 or every 5 minutes.

If standby_time is set to 0, then no energy is removed in standby mode.

Siege mode

Set siege mode related values.

siege_transfer: [percent]
siege_deplete: [amount]
siege_creeper: [amount]
siege_ticks: [ticks]

siege_transfer — the minimum amount of Time Lord energy needed to transfer to the Siege block. This is a percentage of full_charge. Default is 10% (500).

siege_deplete — the amount of energy needed Siege mode uses every cycle. Default is 100.

siege_creeper — the amount of energy gained when the Artron Creeper is sacrificed. The default is 150. Only relevant if the main config option siege.creeper is set to true.

siege_ticks — the amount of time in server ticks that the energy depletion / siege mode healing cycle takes. The default is 1500 (or every 1.25 minutes).

TARDIS Upgrades

Set the energy cost to upgrade / crossgrade to a different console when using the Desktop Theme changer. If a player is just changing the walls and floor, then just_wall_floor sets the percentage the cost is reduced.

    ars: [amount] - default: 5000
    budget: [amount] - default: 5000
    deluxe: [amount] - default: 10000
    eleventh: [amount] - default: 10000
    redstone: [amount] - default: 7500
    bigger: [amount] - default: 7500
    plank: [amount] - default: 5000
    steampunk: [amount] - default: 5000
    tom: [amount] - default: 5000
    twelfth: [amount] - default: 7500
    war: [amount] - default: 5000
    master: [amount] - default: 10000
    pyramid: [amount] - default: 5000
    ender: [amount] - default: 5000
    coral: [amount] - default: 8000
    custom: [amount] - default: 10000
      tall: [amount] - default: 10000
      small: [amount] - default: 5000
      medium: [amount] - default: 7500
      medium: [amount] - default: 2500
      small: [amount] - default: 1666
      tall: [amount] - default: 3333
    legacy_deluxe: [amount] - default: 10000
    legacy_budget: [amount] - default: 5000
    legacy_redstone: [amount] - default: 8000
    legacy_bigger: [amount] - default: 7500
    legacy_eleventh: [amount] - default: 10000
just_wall_floor: [percentage] - default: 50

Artron Furnaces

Set the options for Artron Furnaces. See further explanation on the Artron Furnace page.

  set_biome: true
  cook_time: 0.5
  burn_time: 0.5
  burn_limit: 100000
  particles: true

Sonic Generator

Set the energy costs for the sonic generator as a percentage of the full_charge option.

  painter: 10
  emerald: 10
  standard: 10
  ignite: 10
  redstone: 10
  bio: 10
  diamond: 10

Rechargers configuration section

NB: The rechargers configuration section is found in the file: config.yml

The rechargers section holds the locations of the TARDIS recharge beacons.

The format is:

      world: [world]
      x: [co-ordinate]
      y: [co-ordinate]
      z: [co-ordinate]

Entries are added automatically by the /tardisadmin recharger [name] command, you should only need to edit this section if you want to remove a recharge point.

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