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The Chameleon Circuit

The Chameleon Circuit has changed in TARDIS version 3.7 and higher. The old Chameleon Circuit documentation can be found here.

To make your TARDIS Police Box blend in with its surroundings you can use the Chameleon Circuit. The Chameleon Circuit will be created automatically when you make a new TARDIS, and can be accessed from the TARDIS Control Menu sign.

TARDIS Control Menu

Using the circuit

To use the Chameleon Circuit, right-click on the Control Menu sign, then click the Chameleon Circuit button.

TARDIS Control Menu

The Chameleon GUI opens, giving you a range of options. Hover over each button to see what it does. The button functions are explained below:

Button Icon Action
Apply apply Use this to rebuild the TARDIS exterior with the current Chameleon settings.
Chameleon Circuit cham Toggle the Chameleon Circuit on or off. When OFF, the TARDIS exterior will revert to the FACTORY preset.
Adaptive adapt Use this to make the Chameleon Circuit blend in with its environment. There are two modes you can choose from: BIOME and BLOCK. If set to BIOME the TARDIS will choose a Chameleon preset suited to the biome that the TARDIS lands in (for example the swamp hut preset for the SWAMP biome). If set to BLOCK, the TARDIS will scan the block at the next landing location and then change the wall block of the TARDIS to the same kind of block. BLOCK mode will only run if the previous Chameleon preset was set to NEW, OLD or SUBMERGED.
Lock lock Lock in the current adaptive BIOME preset.
Invisible invsbl Make the TARDIS invisible.
Shorted out short Make the Chameleon Circuit malfunction and always choose the same appearance, for example: a Police Box. Clicking this button will open the Chameleon Presets GUI. Selecting one of the presets will change the appearance of the TARDIS exterior next time you time travel. To change the appearance immediately, use the Apply button.
Construct build Create your own custom preset using the Chameleon construction GUI.
Close close Close the Chameleon Circuit GUI.

Underneath the buttons are indicators for the current Chameleon settings, hover the mouse over the items to view details. A lime green wool block indicates the currently selected setting.

Locking the Chameleon Circuit

If you have been using the Chameleon Circuit in Adaptive BIOME mode, you can lock in the currently used preset by pressing the Lock button in the Chameleon GUI. The button will only appear if you are in the correct mode.

Clicking the button will switch the settings to Shorted out and apply the biome preset on a more permanent basis (it won’t change when you go to a different biome).

Chameleon lock