A Bukkit plugin for all Doctor Who fans — create and use a TARDIS! It’s bigger on the inside!

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Alternative controls

The ‘save’ sign

As of version v2.2-beta-1, the ‘save’ sign is automatically added to the main TARDIS control room. If you are missing a save sign, add it with the command /tardis update save-sign

The ‘save’ sign can be used to quicklty set the TARDIS’s destination

The TARDIS ‘keyboard’

As of version v2.4-beta-1, you can add a TARDIS keyboard to set destinations.

To use it:

  1. Place a sign in the TARDIS control room
  2. Use the command /tardis update keyboard, then click the sign
  3. Right-click the ‘keyboard’ with another sign, OR (if ProtocolLib is installed), just right-click the sign
  4. Enter a save/area/player/biome on the first line or coordinates (world,x,y,z) on four lines
  5. Click done and the destination will be set